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Yoga Retreats

Come away with me...

The way the ground feels underfoot, the way the air churns, the very ceremony of another (culture, perhaps), the way the music and language waft, the vibrant flavors of the local terroir, the way the colors meld across the sky ... everything is so extraordinarily unordinary while on retreat.

And, I have found, traveling for a yoga retreat to be one of the greatest means for getting unstuck. For getting inspired.

Traveling with yogis, in fact, has become one of the great joys, pleasures and blessings of my life. When we embark on a new adventure, to a new locale, with new people, and new ever-deepening practices, I am always amazed at what transpires: connection, friendship, laughter, nourishment, raw openness, vast inquiry, incredible strength, hearts breaking open.


THIS is the tapestry that wove together my vision for all of the retreats I offer.  


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