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Anj Yoga in Words

My Intro...

My beliefs are always shifting and deepening, as with

everything. Right now, this is the ethos that drives

my spiritual practices and my teaching:


Life is fucking hard sometimes. And tragic. And awe-inspiring. 

And easy. And outrageous. And insane. And boring.

And beautiful. And mundane. It's everything that it can be,

revealing itself to us in each iteration as the moments unfold.

Yoga evolves with the tides of our lives, and can offer us a thread

to the sacred, a deep connection to ourselves as we wander the paths before us. 


A yoga practice, like many other things, is an invitation to commune with the self, to put down all the external stimuli and have an embodied experience. Honestly, we have never needed sacred, self-soothing and adoring practices more than we do now. I have found this great tending to the self essential to a meaningful life.

The Bio

Over the last 10+ years of teaching in the Bay Area, Anj has become known for a potent class with a whole lotta soul and a creative, whimsical flow. She believes that a yoga class is a powerful place to forget ourselves and remember ourselves all at the same time. 


Anj is a passionate guide, weaving students through a rhythmic, music-filled, breath-guided journey on their mats, encouraging the whole tapestry of the human experience to be felt, held, honored. Her classes often incorporate mantras and chanting, philosophy, meditation, visualization, lots of sighing, essential oils, challenge and space for a personal unfolding. 


Anj has studied a lot over the last 20+ years, and chronic illness/pain has led her to engage with many healing modalities that influence her classes, including nervous system regulation and brain retraining. She aims to create a healing, sacred space always. 

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