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Weekly Class Schedule

Mondays, 6:15-7:45 pm, Practice, Berkeley

Wednesdays, 6:15-7:45 pm, Practice, Berkeley

Fridays, noon-1:30 pm, Yoga Tree Castro, San Francisco (heated)

Fridays, 6:15-7:45 pm, Practice, Berkeley

Upcoming Workshops

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Past Workshops 

Devotion + Gratitude: Thanksgiving Day Benefit Class

at Namaste Berkeley, 9-11:00 am


Step on your mat this Thanksgiving and be reminded of how very blessed you are, movement by movement and breath by breath.


We are honored to offer an extended two-hour practice to imbue your holiday with mindfulness and thankfulness. Through reflection, meditation, song and sweat, we invite you to join your community in giving back by taking part.


Proceeds from this class will benefit the Alameda County Food Bank.

Price: $25; greater donation amounts are available; preregistration encouraged


Join me as we discover the balance between Yin and Yang in the yoga room. Each session begins with a deep, slow release into the body’s connective tissues with long-held, passive floor poses accompanied by healing essential oils. Then, watch as we slowly move off the floor into a dynamic physical practice, where you will experience greater access to the space we created through the yin portion, as well as strength to support it. Wrap all of this in a bhakti blanket - with chanting and devotion - and you have a sumptuous synthesis of effort and ease, a perfectly-balanced approach to your time on the mat. An expansive encounter… Treat yourself.

Hips & Hamstrings

We’ll focus on untangling some of the knots that live in your hips and hamstrings allowing you greater, safer access to space and freedom to move. 

Chest & Shoulders

When we begin to undo the body’s tension around the heart space, we walk taller with more freedom and enjoy a more expansive embodied experience. 

Cost: $35 single | $60 for both